xo from the desktop

Last week I spent a very busy and productive week cleaning out my craft room. As I can’t seem to separate cleaning and crafting, I just couldn’t resist making a few cards. It’s easier to put it on a card than put it away, right?

Actually, there is something very satisfying about managing to put together something pretty from just a hodgepodge of bit and pieces that I find on my desktop. Everything on this card came from that category and it was fun to find them a home together and put them all to good use.

The card base is a little smaller than standard size as I was using up a scrap. I believe it is 3.5″ x 5″ in size. It is stamped tone on tone to add some subtle pattern but not compete with all the pretty goodies on this card.

It’s a bit of a shabby romantic look with all the lace. I had stamped the heat on the canvas tag for another project and the same with the misted flower. For some reason or other, they didn’t make the cut. Perhaps they were just waiting to be placed on this card. 😉


If you’ve never made a card from bits and pieces, why not try giving it a go? It’s the best way to clean that I know of!

3 responses to “xo from the desktop

  1. what a great card! love the bits and bobs you found to create such a wonderful piece. 🙂

  2. When do we get to see your new, clean, purged, orderly space? And I don’t think if I went through bits and pieces out, I’d come up with something as beautiful as your card!

  3. Lovely card! So many beautiful layers! ;o)

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