Product Design

I love product design and am thrilled to have designed product for the scrapbooking and stamping industries.

I’m thrilled to be designing product again.

Victoria Park Line for Lily Bee Design – shipping March 5th, 2012








See the full line here.

Head Over Heels line for Lily Bee Design – shipping October 17th

See the full line here.


Picket Fence line for Lily Bee Design

The full line can be found here at Lily Bee Design.

In 2009, Cornish Heritage Farms produced my stamps below…

Life Scrapblock


Crossword Scrapblock


Love Scrapblock

Calendar Year Scrapblock


Baby Dear


Bracket Block Scrapblock (6″x6″)


Sew Special


On The Desk


Newspaper Ads (6″x6″)


Night Before Christmas
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Sweet Bee


Vintage Text Scrapblock (6″x6″)


Stitches Scrapblock (6″x6″)


The Bee List


Reach 4 the Stars


Astronomy Scrapblock (6″x6″)


Ornamental Borders (6″x6″)


Ornamental Beauty


Distressed Circles Scrapblock (6″x6″)

Distressed Grid Scrapblock (6″x6″)


22 responses to “Product Design

  1. What lovely designs – and all so different – what a talent you have

  2. I just adore the new Christmas stamps – just gorgeous

  3. I love your stuff! where can i buy any of it?
    Stop by for a peak at my photos if you get a chance! Have a good day!!

  4. gosh – your stamps are gorgeous!

  5. Wow! I had no idea that these were all of your designs. Fun stuff!
    (SCS- Stampinak)

  6. you are so talented! just came across your blog…

  7. Where can I buy the Reach for the Stars stamps? I clicked on it but nada…

  8. Hi Julia! I love your stamps. I have the distressed circles and love it! Where can I purchase your other stamps?

  9. I am so happy you are still designing stamps. I just purchased your Love and Vintage Text blocks during the latest CHF sale. And I used your distressed circles on a trading card this week. I think that is one of my favorite background stamps ever! Can’t wait to see what you bring us in April!

  10. Love those stamps didn’t know you designed them.

  11. i want some design of handmade cars for my best friend

  12. Julia- I AM IN LOVE with your lily bee stuff!! can’t wait to get it in!!! sooo awesome for you! 🙂

  13. I love the way you try to mix different facts and different figures to get an innovative and extrovert design… I think that’s the secret of your job, and the results are simply fabulous.

  14. LOVING your beautiful Head Over Heels, Julia — all my favorite colors!!

  15. Head over Heals and Picket Fence are my two favorite collections! I love Lily Bee! Neat to know you designed them. I have enjoyed them very much! Thanks for sharing.

    Katie B.

  16. I love your work. It’s beautiful. I hope you keep up with it. Fulfill your dreams!

  17. Hi, I love your stamps. Do you know how I can get the scrapblocks? Thank you.

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