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Jessica Sprague On-line Classes {C’est Bon}

So I’m done! Wow!Where did four weeks go? I am incredibly glad I took this digital course! So if you want a resounding recommendation…I want to sign up for each and every Jessica Sprague class that comes up! 😉 If you’re new to my ramblings…I’m just finishing up my second Jessica Sprague on-line digital class called Now You’re Rockin with Photoshop. Very aptly named…this class rocks! I’ve also completed Up and Running with Photoshop which is now a self-paced class you can take anytime. So….why do I think these classes are so fabulous?

  • Very reasonable and affordable
  • Each class has four lessons and layouts that teach you a myriad of things
  • each class builds on your knowledge
  • each class is taught in video and audio format…you can listen to Jessica teach while watching EXACTLY every step she makes on the computer to get the results
  • Weekly extra assignments reinforce your knowledge and challenge you to design your own layouts
  •  Each class builds knowledge at a great pace…enough to challenge you but not enough to overwhelm
  • Daily e-mails from Jessica Sprague
  • Great mini book tutorial links each week
  • Forums and Gallery to share and ask questions…I’ve always gotten the support I need
  • Free digital downloads come with each lesson that you can use again and again
  • Jessica teaches lots of great hints and shortcuts
  • Lots of photo editing tips
  • You can see the class taught in either Photoshop Elements or in CS, CS2, C3s versions
  • You always have access to the class tutorials so that if you forget, you can always come back and relearn your skills
  • links to great digital scrapbooking sites and many times great coupons

Summer Evening


Lesson Four Layout – this is a double spread layout…to see the detail, click on the image


{love} week four Wed. assignment


WALL-E just a quick fun layout


Quick Tip: Digital elements can be used over and over again. Did you notice that layouts 1 & 3 and 2 & 4 use the same flourishes?

Just in case you think I sound a little TOO effusive…I am not affiliated with Jessica Sprague in any way…just a huge fan! I’d been dabbling in digital (self-taught) off and on for about a year. It took FOREVER for me to learn each little thing by trial and error. When I think of the time I’ve wasted…sigh. I’ve learned so much in a few short weeks that I know this is one hobby I’ll be enjoying for a long time to come. If you’re interested in “growing you skills”…this is a fabulous place to start!

While I’ll always be an ink and paper girl… maybe, just maybe, I’ll be a bit of a digi girl too. 🙂

Have a fabulous day!