Fun Floam…

….is SO much fun…..



“wook Mom…bue hair!”

Trust me…this is not as easy to get out as it looks!!!


45 minutes later and 3 bathtub fulls of water…we are all good. 🙂

…. Is it nap-time yet?

34 responses to “Fun Floam…

  1. OH NO!!!!!!!!!!! We have that stuff too. LOL. The kids love it…TFS this adorable pic. Sorry it took so long to wash off.

  2. It DOES look like so much fun, but I am glad I resisted at the store the other day. Fun for slightly OLDER kids, maybe ;^)*

    I would have to threaten to CUT hair off, and then they might listen about NOT putting it in their hair. I hate threats

  3. OMG that is too funny!! At least it came out…and you did not have to cut off all his hair…

  4. what a cute little guy , like the color . tooo funny.

  5. Sorry that’s how you’ve spent your morning but he’s adorable even with blue hair! Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. I’m so glad it came out Julia! We STILL have Floam in our carpet! Impossible to get out without cutting it! Luckily your outcome had a much better ending!!! LOL!!! TFS!


  7. These pics are priceless! Get to scrapping! Sorry your day isn’t going so well though. Aaaaa the joy of children. Chin up! I really think you deserve some stamp time as soon as little “angel” is asleep! 😉

  8. Kate Hart-Sampson

    Julia, your furniture looks like patterned paper! It’s beautiful.

  9. He is a cutie and looks to have a creative streak!!!

  10. OH NO!!!!
    What a not fun surprise!!

  11. Bwahahahahahaha…..OOOOH too funny!!!! (glad it’s not ME! lol) he is getting SOOOOOO BIG!!!! Awwww!

  12. Julia, this pic is way too cute! I really hope you’re scrapbookig it. One day, maybe tomorrow, all three of those baths will be precious moments to you. They grow up way way too fast!!

    I read your blog everyday… thanks for the inspiration…. or was it enabling??! Hee hee.

  13. He looks so proud of himself, oh my I can’t imagine the “fun” you had trying to get that out. My daughter at the age of 3 decided that cutting off her braid would be a fun thing to do.

  14. Julia – he is so cute you could forgive him anything!

  15. Hee hee…so sounds like what goes down in my house!

  16. LOL! I have 2 boys… so believe me – I can relate! 🙂 That’s hilarious! Your son’s just too cute!

  17. Oh no! We have that stuff and I have 3 boys!!! One of them is sure to try that. I better run and hide that stuff!!!! 🙂

  18. Floam is my arch nemisis!!! (sp??) I feel your pain!

  19. I guess mine are too old for floam…I think we missed that wonderful invention! What a cutie!

  20. hahahaha. I died laughing. so cute!! I remember that stuff getting stuck to my carpet. 🙂 feel your pain!

  21. I am so out of the loop since my girls are grown and no grandchildren yet! I do remember similiar incidents though!! Cute little boy! tfs this cute story.

  22. How cute, but I can relate! My DD wouldn’t let her kids have floam so of coarse they asked me & being the great grandma that I am I let them have it. What a mess! It was so sticky & gummy that I was afraid we’d clog the drain trying to get it off their hands so since it was summer I took them outside to wash it off and then I had colorful grass! At least I didn’t have to deal with DH being upset b/c we clogged the drain! lol That stuff is good for 2 things either the trash or leave it in the store!!

  23. Oh Julia!! LOL How adorable. I remember when my boys were doing those sorts of things. Good for you for taking pictures of it. In time you will absolutely cherish them. Today… well you were busy!

  24. What a doll baby!!! It looks like he had a TON of fun!

    We had an “incident” with purple floam. Yep… that’s right… we’ll remember the “incident” (as my daughter termed the day) forever, as the fun floam is permanently embedded in my son’s tan carpet.


    LOL! Thanks for sharing,

  25. This is just a little too close to home to be funny. That stuff looked like fun, but it also looked like trouble. Now I’m feeling a bit guilty about having given some of it as a gift… Oh well, they’re still friends with us…so far!

    BTW, I was tagged and now I’m tagging you. Check out the details on my blog at

  26. From one who is now many years away from “been there, done that”, thanks for giving me a laugh as I remember similar episodes.

  27. Thank you for providing me another reason NOT to buy that stuff!!! Oh my!!! 🙂 Julie

  28. love it. lol. ya know, it’s just to much fun to not put it in your hair!

  29. BWAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Oh, my! It does not come out of hair OR fabrics very easily at all! Fortunately, my oldest daughter thinks is stinks and my youngest hasn’t discovered it yet- she is in to Moon Sand! He sure is cute, though!

  31. So cute, Julia!! Sorry about the trouble with the removal.

  32. I hate that stuff!! My Mom bought it for mt girls because they had to have it and we too could not believe how sticky it is. There is something similar called playfoam that is great though. It has the little beads in it like floam, but is not as sticky and does not have the slime type stuff in it. We use it instead of play-doh. It is super easy to clean up too.

  33. Bwahahahahahahhahaaha!!! {{{{{J}}}}}

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