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Tonic Scissors {C’est Bon}


For unmounted rubber stamps…an essential part of the process is cutting them out well. I must admit…I struggled through cutting and mounting rubber stamps for quite a few years with just a pair of old kitchen shears. I knew they weren’t ideal but there always seemed to be something else higher up that I really needed on my wishlist and just kept putting it off.

Fast forward to a couple months ago I discovered this pair of scissors from Tonic Studios designed by Tim Holtz. When I saw the names I associate with very high quality merchandise on this product I very much needed…I looked right at the price tag. I was extremely surprised and it wasn’t more than a few minutes before I had my order in.

I’m so happy to say that these scissors have really lived up to my expectations and more. I wish I’d had these scissors throughout all those years I struggled with cutting out my rubber.

What I love about these scissors…

  • easy to hold
  • extremely strong construction and high quality
  • the position of the fulcrum (the point were the scissors swivel) makes it easy to cut through the rubber with little resistance….basic physics people! ๐Ÿ™‚
  • large handles with Kushgrip soft coating…the same as the Tonic paper cutter
  • non-stick blades…keeps that adhesive that attaches the foam from gumming up your blades
  • serrated blades easily cut through rubber and prevent slipping
  • protective cap cover to safely store the scissors
  • Price $$$ – 11.79 US …I’m still pinching myself!

Where to buy…

  • Cornish Heritage Farms: I purchased my scissors from Cornish Heritage Farms on-line
  • Local Stamp Stores: Many local stamp supply stores as well as scrapbooking stores carry Ranger products.

Hope you enjoyed the return of my {C’est Bon} entries. I’ll be posting my next one next Sunday so stay tuned. ๐Ÿ™‚ If you’d like to check out my past entries…just click on {C’est Bon} in my category section in my sidebar. All {C’est Bon} products are my own personal favorites and honest opinion.