Clearly Pretty

I’ve been missing designing with transparencies and couldn’t have been more excited to see the new overlays from Webster’s Pages. {love, love, love}

A few weeks ago I wrote a CLASSroom post on Transparency Tricks and have decided to continue and make it into a little series.

My most recent projects use a gorgeous Damask overlay to create a pocket card and a pillow box. I hope you’ll join me here in the CLASSroom. And stay tuned… I’m pretty sure I’ll be adding another episode in soon!

Have a fabulous weekend!


One response to “Clearly Pretty

  1. Crhis R. from Iowa

    Sorry I have been lacking in my comments. But, this project plus the pillow box in the CLASSroom warrant one! I love these gorgeous projects! Thanks so much for all the tricks to using the transparencies. I also love the color pallet you used on both. Just stunning! Thanks for all your creative touches!

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