with sympathy

I find sympathy cards very difficult to create. No card or words can ever mend a heart that is aching with loss. It does help to know that someone cares though and you are not totally alone in your grief.

Recently I was going through some closets and came across all the beautiful sympathy cards that I was sent when my mother passed 6 years ago. Most of them were lovingly handmade and I kept them all. Taking the time to sort through them and appreciate anew the work and the words of comfort put into each one became a special time for me. Being able to go back almost six years later when my emotions were no longer raw was a blessing. It’s been a journey of healing. Yes, I did shed a few more tears at the wonderful memories. I wish my mom could have seen the kids as they are now and her absence was definitely felt at my oldest son’s recent wedding. But we go on, the pain has lifted and we can remember her with joy.

This card is for a dear friend of mine who recently lost her mother. My heart is heavy for her and her family. I know the days ahead will be hard. I hope this card will bring some small measure of comfort.

Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning. Psalm 30:5

I don’t like to make dark sympathy cards so I’ve created this one in pastel tones. As accents I’ve used flowers arranged into a little framed bouquet. Butterflies symbolize hope and I always like to include one in a sympathy card as well.

Life is short. Cherish each precious moment & have a beautiful day!


7 responses to “with sympathy

  1. this is so beautiful! I’m sorry to hear of the passing of your friend’s mother. my prayers are with all of them at this sad time…

    I don’t think anyone really likes to make sympathy cards, but I would rather make them ‘as needed’ so I can think about the people they are going to and pray over the cards as I make them.

    this card will most certainly bring a bit of comfort to your friends, since you have obviously poured so much love into it. 🙂

  2. Beautiful card, Julia. I am sure it will give your friend comfort to know that you care so much.

  3. Your card is beautiful, Julia, just so pretty. I’m sure your friend will receive comfort from your lovingly made card.

  4. I love your shabby chic style! Every single element on this card is perfect.

  5. What a beautiful card! 🙂

  6. Agree with you sympathy does not have to be dark
    Love the layers of details in your projects

  7. Stunning card for a difficult time, Julia! Absolutely love it.

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