Daily Archives: July 18, 2012

Tape Measure Trim

Tape measures can be a humble and useful item. As a child I always loved pulling my mother’s tape measure out of her sewing box or knitting bag, folding it, rolling it or measuring anything I could find. My very favorite…those tape measures that roll themselves with a click of a button. I think I broke more than my fair share of those and that tendency has passed itself to the next generation. They are great to have on hand in your purse but I won’t buy them any more as my children have managed to break far too many of them.

When Maya Road released the new Vintage Tape Measure Trim Ribbon earlier this year, I was so excited. They are such a great classic trim and the heavy flexible finish makes for so many great crafting possibilities.

Today on the Maya Road Blog I’m sharing these couple card designs. I hope you’ll join me!


Have a beautiful summer day!