Daily Archives: November 23, 2011

a special birthday…

Just a few days ago was a special day in our family. My Mother-in-Law turned 70 and I wanted to create a special card for her. It’s so nice to have someone who cherishes and keeps everything I make. It makes it a joy to create for them.

Most of the cards I design don’t start off with a particular idea in my head. I just love to sit down and enjoy the journey. I enjoy it this way and it’s always a surprise what I end up with. Most of the time it’s a good one!

I have to admit that I probably would never have dreamed up this color combo if it hadn’t landed itself on my desk. Serendipity for sure.  I had made the felt flower weeks and weeks ago and it ended up on my desk with some scraps from Monday’s Deck the Halls project. (Yes I do work ahead as much as possible.) I’m not sure that the photographs capture how pretty the color combo is in person but I’m loving the plum and sage green combo.

Quick Tip: Ink edges of paper with the secondary color in the combo to pull the design together.














Wishing you a beautiful day!