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It’s never too late to scrapbook.

Go back and pull out those old photos and make a mini album. I used to think that I had to scrapbook consecutively and I had to document each and every photo.

Well that is just a recipe for stress and can totally take the fun out of a hobby. In fact it stalled me and for quite a few years I quit scrapbooking altogether.

Today I scrapbook what I want, when I want. Lately I’ve been addicted to mini albums. So small and sweet and I can embellish as much as my heart desires.

This mini album is one I finally created for my daughter using her elementary school photos. She’s about to start her third year of university but that’s ok. Better late than never.

Today I’m sharing this mini album on the Maya Road Blog. Stop by for more photos of the project.

Have a creative day!

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