finding joy

You’re here, visiting my blog today and I’m going to make an assumption. Like me, you most likely find joy in the creative journey. At times the journey can be slow going. Sometimes we love what we create, sometimes we don’t. Sometimes creativity can be frustrating and we need to take a break from the creative journey.

But we always come back to it.

Because it gives us joy.

Today’s mini canvas project reminds me of the joy of creating and also the importance of looking for the little joys of life. My life is full of joy.  Some days I get my eyes off the source of that joy and I need a little reminder of what I have been blessed with in my life and the source of my eternal hope.

I hope you enjoy today’s mini canvas project. It’s 5″ square and now sits on my computer desk. I’m sharing it today on the Maya Road Design Team blog along with more photos, a supply list and how I created it. Please join me!

Have a fabulous weekend!

2 responses to “finding joy

  1. You are one of the joys in my life, so blessed to call you friend <3
    I love this mini canvas and all that it represents, perfect to keep it close by to use as that reminder :0)
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

  2. This is so lovely, Julia! I think taking a break helps us recharge – as a painter I struggle with feeling like “I should be painting” but sometimes I need to take a break and learn to “see” again.

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