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This time of year, I like to do a lot of spring cleaning. Things seem to pile up over the winter and I’ve been spending days sorting, purging and generally doing a great “clean sweep”. I’ve found a lot of treasures and misplaced items and that always makes it so worth it.

One project I found was a card I had never shared here with you. It was from a Lily Bee card class I taught last year using my Victoria Park paper line.

This is a rare card for me…one that’s made with 99.9% paper and ink. Just a couple little metal staples on it that can be left off if they are not your thing.

I’m still a huge fan of the 3D Flower Die. It’s my favourite Sizzix die and I can’t imagine what they would have to come up with to replace it in my affections. This die makes such beautiful and easy rolled roses. {love}

Quick Tip: To make the leaves, punch a circle from patterned paper or cardstock. Punch that circle again to make a curved leaf shape. You can get two leaves from one punched circle.

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2 responses to “lost & found

  1. great find when you go back and see some of your cards…

  2. I really like this card creation! So lovely and unique!

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