teacups and posies

Flowers are always a classic for Mother’s Day. We all have our favorites. I like bouquets that come from the garden. Things like lilacs, hydrangeas, daisies and daffodils. But how about a fun little floral arrangement that doesn’t fade?

I thought I’d put a little spin on the traditional Mother’s Day flowers with this little teacup arrangement filled with crafted flowers. To fill my teacup and provide something to adhere the flowers to, I wadded up a large piece of aluminum foil and adhered it with Craft Glue Dots® to the inside of the cup.

The beautiful big trim flowers were created with Maya Road trims and XXL Glue Dots®. I’ve gone with a sewing theme and you can see little glimpses of vintage sewing pattern tissue peeking out between them as a filler.

Little accents of tape measure trims and tulle trim are adhered just inside the rim of the teacup with Craft Glue Dots® to finish off the design.

There is no limit to what you can create with your crafting supplies. Don’t forget to think outside the box…or off the card or the page.


I wrote this blog post while participating on the Glue Dots® design team.
Happy creating!

7 responses to “teacups and posies

  1. AMAZING…. love this wonderful “non fade” bouquet.

  2. Bessie Segal

    Your creations are never restricted, your ‘outside-the-box’ is enormous. Another gorgeous piece of art.

  3. Love how you think outside the box and then share it with us!

  4. Absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I LOVE this pretty creation!!

  5. Darlene Gabriel

    Wow – this is stunning. What a great idea. I love love your flowers you created and the measuring tape accents are perfect. Any mother would love to receive this gorgeous teacup.

  6. Who knew burlap could be so dang pretty!! Such a great idea especially with mom’s day coming up!

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