color my world

How about a rainbow of color to brighten up a January day?

A spectrum of color is always fun to create with paint. Want to add a little extra pizazz? Try brushing on a rainbow of Distress Crackle Paints.

I just adore the texture!

When you’re applying a lot of paint to paper, you’ll want to make sure the paper you’ve chosen is sturdy and can handle moisture. For this card I’ve used a heavy watercolor paper to prevent buckling. I love how the Distress Crackle Paints all come with a little built-in paint brush to make cleanup a breeze. Just put your lid back on and you’re done!

Have a beautiful day!

4 responses to “color my world

  1. So bright and cheery! Love the crackle paints, unlimited possibilities!

  2. loving it…. had to try it out, was lots of fun, thanks for sharing.:)

  3. Cooool!! thanks for sharing this cool ideas.. absolutely cool!

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