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When I think back over the past year and the projects I’ve made, there are couple that really pop out in my mind as bringing me the most joy in creating them. While differing in style, they both are really very similar in that they are both very personal projects. They are both mini albums that I will keep and treasure.

Today I’d like to share one of those albums. It was created for the Moxie Fab World column in the September/October issue of Paper Crafts Magazine. Because of space and so many fabulous projects in this column, there’s only a couple pages of the album shown. I’ve had a few requests to see the rest of the album and so with Cath’s blessing, here it is…

I think the thing that I really loved about creating this album is that it’s of my family but also, it’s a quirky little album using playing cards and it is so small and cute. This album uses the Echo Park Paper Co. For the Record line and it makes it really easy for everything to coordinate.

Each card was chosen for a reason. The front cover card is a 7 for the number of people in our family.

Of course, my sweet hubby just had to be the king…

…and I’m his queen.

My oldest child, James, is the Jack.

My daughter comes next and as second child, she is on the 2 of hearts.

Next in line is of course, on the 3 of hearts.

And then comes number four.

I thought about using a 5 of heart for my last child but he’s such a little bundle of personality, I just had to make him the joker.

After creating my little album and covering the pages with papers, photos and embellishments, I punched holes with my Crop-a-dile and then bound it together with some clips from the office store.

I hope you’ll make your own little mini album now. This one was super quick and fun to put together and you can make the pages from almost anything.

Happy creating!

21 responses to “family of hearts

  1. What a clever idea! Thanks for showing the whole album — with time to use it as gifts! 🙂

  2. love the idea of playing cards. how cool is that? awesome job Julia, love it.

  3. so special. it is nice to get a peak into the lives of our on-line friends along with the projects they do. thank you for sharing this with us.

  4. Julia this is BRILLIANT!!! The peek into your lovely family in such a charming fashion puts a smile on one’s face – and I love how you used the joker card – we have one of those in our family too! I think every family does…lol. This is such a happy album – way to go and yes, I need to go make one now! Incredible inspiration ~ 😀

  5. It’s really terribly cute, and also charming and simple – I can see why this project is extra special for you, Julia!

  6. Fabulous project and how awesome you chose your playing card to match the displayed person.

  7. Julia, I love, love, love your blog! Your projects are awesome! I love this “Family of Hearts” project! I am definitely going to have to case it and make one for everyone in our family! Thanks for sharing your creativity!

  8. What a neat and personal album-fun too.

  9. That is a really creative way to put an album together! Thanks for sharing, it’s inspiring me to make my first mini album!

  10. I remember seeing this and I loved it, how creative! and WOW, 5 kids! You must be so incredibly busy, don’t know how you do it 🙂

  11. This is SOOOOO cute! I LOVE each card that you used for the members of your family! FUN embellies–GREAT job! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  12. oh my gosh, this is such an awesome idea!!! I hae a deck of those HUGE playing cards, the Mr magoo type….lol. They would be perfect for this!!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  13. What an amazing idea Julia! I love this album!!

  14. Gorgeous! If it wasn’t just the two of us in this house, I would have to make one!

  15. So stinking cute……I think I will make some. Thanks for the idea!

  16. This is a great idea! Thank you so much for sharing it. I wanted to do some albums for Christmas gifts, but with time running out I wasn’t sure how to pull it off….now I have a fantastic way to do so! Thanks again 🙂

  17. LOVE! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  18. Very green idea – reuse something one already has and make it fun!!

  19. I love this project more each time I see it, so clever and beautifully constructed!!


  20. You are definitely the Queen…the queen of crafting, that is! Awesome project with playing cards. I’m so behind of my blog surfing that this one has slipped by me. Thanks for the inspiration, Julia!

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