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One of my favorite things to do is stamp.I know I’ve said this before but the possibilities are endless. I’m always looking for fun new ways to use them.

Last spring I was excited to dream up this card and sent it off with a few others to the Paper Craft Magazine  2011 Stamping Royalty Contest. It was my favorite submission and I was so thrilled to find that Paper Craft’s liked it too. There are 15 Stamping Royalty winners, 3 in each category I believe, the all the projects are in this month’s issue of Paper Crafts Magazine.

Since this issue came out, I’ve been getting a few e-mails on just how to create this card. I thought I’d share the full instructions here as sometimes the ones in print often get edited due to space.


  1. Adhere Eclipse Tape to scrap of cardstock and die cut with bird die. The cardstock you can use on another project, it just helps if you have something to stick the tape to when die cutting.
  2. Adhere the die-cut Eclipse Tape to your card front. You want the piece with the negative shape of the bird.
  3. Stamp the definition stamp over the eclipse tape and then remove masking. You should be left with a stamped text bird image.
  4. Cover the stamped bird with the OTHER piece of masking material. Mist card front with white mist spray and allow to dry. Remove mask. Your bird is now complete.
  5. Stamp heart and cut out. Adhere along with knotted twine.
  6. Finish the design by stamping the sentiment.

Now if you still can’t figure it out…don’t worry. I’m going to be writing a tutorial on this technique making a similar card so that you can follow along pictorially. I’m hoping to have it done for tomorrow or Saturday so stay tuned. Hmmm… how about a holiday version? That may be fun!









Additional supplies: Mr. Huey’s White Mist by Studio Calico, twine

Have a beautiful day!

16 responses to “love always

  1. Very clever and adorable!!

  2. It is an honour being Stamping Royalty with you! And I love this card, and your other card in the issue as well. Beautiful!

  3. Julia, so glad you blogged about this sweet card! I read about you winning and I have been meaning to email to congratulate and, well, my brain just ain’t what it used to be, if you know what I mean! What an honor to be picked as Stamping Royalty. I can’t imagine how many people send in for that, but they honored you and that is great! Well deserved. Your work is just wonderful!

  4. very cute, like the text on the bird and the heart he is carrying

  5. Like this card very much-looks like he is in snow country!

  6. What a gorgeous card—so glad you shared on the blog! BEAUTIFULLY done–I see why it was picked up:) LOVE!!!

  7. SHUT UP!!! ……………….. THUD!!!

  8. Congratulations!! It’s so sweet!

  9. Oh this is precious – congrats on the Stamping Royalty pick! Looking forward to the more detailed tutorial, I’ve never used Eclipse Tape and would like to see it in action!

  10. Beautiful, clever and adorable card 🙂 !!!

  11. love the card. simple but so perfect. congrats on the win. enjoy the weekend.

  12. This card is sheer brilliance! Love it and can’t wait for a picture tutorial 🙂

  13. thanks you so much…….this is just so simple and elegant.

    Kathy S……

  14. Niceeeee,Very good Card 😀 !

  15. Very Good Blog Thanks for sharing.

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