Daily Archives: October 23, 2011

a simple thank you

I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of stamping. There are just so many ways to stamp from clean and simple to complex techniques. Today’s card is one of the simple ones as the stamps themselves are just so beautiful.

While it’ might not be apparent at first glance, this card does use a simple technique. Misting. If you look closely at the colored flowers, there are places on the petals that look like a watercolored image. The color has pooled very slightly.

To mist your image, all you need is a misting bottle filled with water. After inking up your stamp with some dye ink, spritz a small amount of water onto your stamp and then make your impression. Play around with this on some scrap paper before you start to get the right amount of water on the stamp for the look that you are wanting to achieve. The more water you spray, the looser looking your image will be.

I wanted to keep most of the detail in this flower so I held my mister quite a distance from the stamp while spritzing to keep the amount of water to a minimum.

Quick Tip: If you end up stamping quite a wet image, use your heat gun to dry it quickly and prevent the ink from over-spreading.










Have a beautiful day!