love you}

Love is always in season, right? It doesn’t matter that Valentine’s is a long way away. Letting someone know that you love them is something important all year long.

Today’s card features a stamped tag that says I love you in two languages. I hope you like the inky look. If you’re looking for a tutorial and step outs on it, stop by the Lily Bee Design blog at this link as I share the entire process there. Wow…seems like I’m busy “traveling” all over the web these past couple days. Hope you don’t mind tagging along.
















Sending a little love…


5 responses to “love you}

  1. What a sweet card!

  2. You’re killing me! So many beautiful creations! This one is no exception. I love this collection! Now the wait for my order to arrive.

  3. I like the orange and pink and double-double tag action!

  4. Lovely card and perfect for any type of thinking of you/love you/miss you occasion.

  5. i love pink and orange together. such a fun and playful colour combo. you always put things together so artfully. and it’s fun to travel and see new places. enjoy your weekend.

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