This time of year is all about new life.
Thinking about life has me remembering to make the most of each moment as I’ll only pass by this way once.

I’ve also been thinking about creative risks and experiments. Making my own art.

Here’s a little peek of some canvas wall art I’ve created.

I really enjoyed creating something new.

Want to see more or give it a whirl? I hope you’ll join me today in the CLASSroom for the entire project and step outs.

Wishing you a blessed Easter!

11 responses to “life

  1. Will check your project out. Happy Easter to you and your family.

  2. I saw the step by step in the Classroom – absolutely GORGEOUS work, Julia! I love your encouragement to learn and grow creatively by doing! I have a fear of “failing creatively” 🙂 but I think it’s time for me to step outside my box and do an altered project! TFS – LOVE love LOVE this!

  3. Cool colors, but too busy for my taste.

  4. awesome Julia- and I agree, I think we often to forget to live life to the fullest each day!

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  6. Beautiful altered item, Julia. I have looked at this several times and see something new each time.

    Hope spring visits you soon.

  7. Love it! Another great canvas. Thanks for shraing. I love how you covered almost the entire canvas. It makes it so interesting to look at. All the details make it more fun!

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