Daily Archives: April 14, 2011

i love a challenge

There’s nothing quite like a good challenge to get me creating.

Did you know that Creating Keepsakes Club CK on-line community has a one hour challenge? I’m actually not sure how often they post it but I think it may be about once a week. I’ve seen it quite a few times and have always wanted to play along but never found the chance.

Today I was on Facebook and noticed that they had just posted another one hour challenge. Intrigued I stopped by to see what the challenge was. There were three fabulous projects from the latest Paper Crafts magazine special issue, 350 Cards & Gifts. That clinched it. I had to play along. The rest of the to do list…well, it can wait.

So. What could I create in an hour or less? I wasn’t sure but as the clock was ticking, my fingers were flying.

I finished my layout in 55 minutes including the time it too to edit and print out the photos. Yes. I was movin! 🙂 Fun, fun, fun!

Want to check out the original challenge? You can still play along.

The buttons and text on Jessica Witty’s wreath inspired the sewing theme, the text fabric background and the button embellishments. Layle Konkar’s printers tray inspired the banner accents and Ashley C. Newell’s canvas wall hanging inspired the canvas rolled flower and banner.

Oh yes, I really should tell you that this is my beautiful daughter making her very first quilt.

A few design notes:

  • tear edges of fabric for a textured look
  • the fabric was spritzed with Viva Pink Glimmer Mist for color and interest
  • photos can stick to the presser foot when stitching on them with a sewing machine. Carefully apply subtle pressure to keep the paper moving.

Thanks for joining me today!