Excuse Me While I Charge My Batteries

Yes…you are on the right blog! Grin. Major facelift here. I just wish I looked so good! If you’re reading this on google reader or other feed, please come visit. I have a beautiful new blog template. Sara Williams rocks! She worked so hard to get it ready in time for World Card Making Day…October 3rd. Unfortunately some server issues made us wait until now but I’m just thrilled that it is working! No more grey!

Sara from Tweaks and Designs has just done an incredible job. She worked so hard to make the template “me”. The colors, the images, the feel is just so perfect. I love beautiful things and this new blog template is inspiring me to get creative. I need a bit of that right now!

The other thing that may have you wondering if you’re on the right blog is the photos. No paper crafts today. Over the past few weeks I’ve felt a need to do some fall nesting and just recharge my creative batteries by doing so home-related projects.  Here’s a little peek at some of the things I’ve been working on…




Another thing I’ve been working on is a new blog. I know. I think I’m a little crazy to be starting that as well but I really wanted to be able to go a different creative direction now and then and didn’t want to bore you here if it’s not your thing. It’s called finding beauty @ home and it’s a whole melting pot of things. Creative home projects, recipes, ramblings on being a stay at home mom, a few inspirational thoughts and whatever else I may think of! LOL If that’s something you’re interested in, stop by and say hello. And if not… Don’t worry! I’ll still be paper crafting and posting here. I just need to find the right balance in my life.

Quick Tip: If you need to charge your creative batteries, switch creative gears for a project or two. You’ll be glad you did!

Thanks for your support!

15 responses to “Excuse Me While I Charge My Batteries

  1. Karen from Ontario

    Hi Julia…..all looks wonderful and bright. It is so exciting to have a change sometimes. Refreshing too.
    Off to visit your new blog….

  2. Great new blog look and I love your floral arrangement and yummy-looking baking, Julia!

  3. Lovin’ the new look!!!! I’ve popped your new blog into my google reader:)

  4. Congrats on your new blog. Pretty flower arrangement, pretty pies and I will be looking forward to the “new dresser”.

  5. Good morning, Julia! Just found your blog–so glad! I’ve seen your beautiful work on SCS in the past–always have enjoyed them! I’m a vintage-style girl mostly (formerly an SU! girl, but I’ve moved on…!)

    I’m off to check your new blog–sounds just perfect! Mine’s a little like that–cards, home, family, recipes….It’s fun to add it all together, I think!

    Your floral arrangement and those pies look incredible, by the way!

  6. Hi Julia,
    Love the new look on your card blog.
    I really like your new blog. I just moved into a new home and your ideas will certainly come in handy. Good on ya for taking your talents in a new direction. I look forward to visiting both your blogs.
    Keep the great ideas and inspiration coming!

  7. Beautiful new blog, Julia! I’ll be visiting and following you! Can’t wait to see what the road ahead holds!

  8. Fabulous new blog look Julia! It is so “you”! Glad you are taking time to recharge your batteries….I’m sure your future creations will thank you for that…I know that a great creative break does wonders for me too.
    I am making a few quilts for Christmas…finding that working with fabric always inspires me creatively. Looking forward to perusing both of your blogs. Glad you are rid of that pesky headache….missing you!

  9. loving the blogover! now I’m off to visit your other spot

  10. Bonnie aka raduse

    Great new look Julia. You can send me the pumpkin pie I see in the background. 🙂 LOL Just kidding.

  11. Beautiful new look Julia!!!!

  12. Julia, your new blog is amazing. Sara did a wonderful job, but that doesn’t surprise me! She did my blog too a long time ago. Maybe I would be re-inspired to blog again too if I had something fun like this to look at! I will also be following your new blog…I am a huge fan of decorating/DIY blogs, so off I go!

  13. Julia, your new look is beautiful! I noticed it yesterday, but didn’t have a chance to tell you. You are a great inspiration!

  14. just glorious! I am so inspired looking at your new blog and those gorgeous photos! thank you for sharing! 🙂

  15. Love your cards and now your new blog,too! You are such a talented and creative lady! Great job on the dresser and I look forward to seeing more of your decorating ideas! Have a blessed Sunday.

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