Simply Saturday…simply soldered

Really. It’s not that hard. It’s actually pretty simple. Just start with a simple project such as a photo and get soldering! I created this quick pendant with a photo of two of my boys on it. You’ve probably seen the photo before as I’ve used it on a couple layouts. If you’ve always wanted to try soldering…why not now? There’s time to put together a few fun projects for Christmas gifts!

Soldered Photo Charm


Here’s how to go about it!

Soldering your project is really quite easy to do and just takes a little practice. Create your art the size of the glass slides you intend to use and then sandwich it between the two pieces. As you can see both sides of the design, don’t forget to add art to both front and back. Carefully wrap the edges with your copper foil tape and fold side edges over the glass on both the front and back sides. Fold corners neatly and burnish the foil to the glass to remove wrinkles and produce a secure frame. Hold your project with clamps provided as it will be too hot for your fingers. You will also need a heat-proof work surface. You can purchase a heat mat, use a large tile or as I do, use a glass cutting board. You don’t want small bits of molten solder ruining a beautiful counter or desktop. Plug in your soldering iron and heat well. Before adding solder, paint the copper foil tape edges with flux to help the solder spread evenly across your surface. Hold the solder to the top of your soldering iron to melt solder and then touch top of iron to copper surface. This will allow the solder to flow onto your copper. Lift the soldering iron up a little and move soldering iron along to allow solder to flow down onto the surface. It is best to apply small amounts of solder at a time. You can always go back and add more coats for a smooth beautiful finish.




Sorry I don’t have a photo of the actual soldering but that would require more hands than I have!

Want more soldering ideas? Simply type solder in my search feature. 🙂 Part of today’s entry was part of a Craft Critique review here.

Have a simply wonderful Saturday!


7 responses to “Simply Saturday…simply soldered

  1. perfect photo for such a sweet project!

  2. aww so cute! thanks for the instructions, it looks great

  3. Adorable!!!! My husband and I share our small studio space. He’s got his soldering iron on his desk. I just need the other supplies. I definitely want to try this project. Thanks for all the photos and details. Love it!

  4. Wow! Love this!

    You were the Craft of the Week at Card of the You can see the original post here.

    I did use a picture from your post, with links back to the site and the original post. I hope that is OK. Please feel free to email me if you need me to change anything.

    I also have an “I was featured” on badge for you if you want it 😀

    Thanks again for sharing!

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