Follow Your Dreams…

Follow your dreams…a wonderful sentiment. We all have dreams, especially young women. I designed this frame for a romantic but up to date look as a gift for my daughter. She is a very patient girl. πŸ™‚ I created this in August and she’s still waiting for it. I know it will be arriving any day now as this design is published in the soon to be released in the new Paper Crafting with Photos special publication from Paper Crafts magazine. I just can’t wait to get a peek inside. I for one, do not use my photos enough! This magazine is to be released on February the 5th and is available to preorder from Paper Crafts magazine.

Follow Your Dreams


Wishing you a beautiful day and don’t forget to…… follow your dreams!

22 responses to “Follow Your Dreams…

  1. Oh so pretty and elegant!! Love it
    Karen W

  2. she’s very beautiful! You don’t look old enough to have a daughter that old (although I don’t know her age!) Have a great Tuesday!!!

  3. Oh my gosh Julia, first of all your daughter is absolutely gorgeous! I’m sure she is just as wonderful of a daughter also. Your frame compliments that picture incredibly also. I was just reading an article in Creating Keepsakes about how people are turning back towards the use of color photos instead of the B & W, but this B&W photo is amazing. TFS

  4. Your daughter will def. think it was worth the wait! Beautiful!!

  5. very pretty , love the b&w photo with that paper, pretty sentiment!

  6. Would LOVE to order it!! Its GORGEOUS!

  7. Gorgeous! I’m sure your daughter can’t wait to get her hands on it – I would!

  8. Julia, this is so elegant! I love it.

  9. Gorgeous, it is worth the wait!!!

  10. Gorgeous Julia! You rock! πŸ™‚

  11. Beautiful frame! I’m sure it’s going to be well worth her wait. Lucky girl.

  12. Your daughter is just beautiful Julia!!! The frame is also lovely, and I am sure she will appreciate it. Congrats on having this one published in Paper Crafts Magazine…it is SO VERY deserving πŸ™‚

  13. Beautiful frame and your daughter is just gorgeous! Congrats on the publication!

  14. can’t wait to see it in print, J! it’s a gorgeous frame with a gorgeous girl πŸ™‚

  15. WOW! This deserves the front cover! CONGRATS on being published, CONGRATS on an awesome frame & CONGRATS on being blessed w/a gorgeous daughter!

  16. Beautiful daughter, in a beautiful frame. Congratulations on being published again

  17. Oh! This is gorgeous… and so is your daughter! I can’t wait to see the magazine!

  18. what a wonderful project and such a beautiful daughter!!!! congrats on the pub-i’ve seen your name a lot lately! YAY!!!

  19. Beautiful frame and a beautiful girl!

  20. What a gorgeous frame…and a gorgeous daughter to go along with it! Love the ribbons and rub-ons! Congrats, J!

  21. Your daughter is so lovely. What a wonderful keepsake this will be for her always. Beautiful!


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