Daily Archives: November 25, 2007

A Sunday Post…update and link…

I’d love to share a {C’est Bon} entry with you today but the sad truth is…all the pics are on my own computer which is down. Rather than start again, I’m just going to wait until I can actually access it. We have a friend coming to look at it tomorrow for me…until then, I’m trying with limited success to claim my teenagers new laptop. After all the years I’ve allowed him to use my computer…you’d think he’d be more than happy to hand over his brand-new laptop…don’t you think? 😉

So……I just HAD to pop in and say hello and also give you a link to take a peek at. I know you couldn’t live for a day without me 😉 and I know you just don’t want to miss this blog link. In fact, if you have any taste at all, I’m sure you already read Joan daily as your second blog of the day. Right after mine of course. That would definitely be your first choice.  And so, you must totally read Joan’s Dear Paperlicious Holiday Countdown complete with (and I quote) …

Get ready to take notes chickees, as Dear Paperlicious has a series of columns coming up designed to help you cope with the holidays.  My goal is to stick to the true meaning of Christmas and help you beat out your fellow humans learn clever and fun ways to enhance the holiday experience for you and your loved ones. and win, win, win!  These columns are packed with tips on organization, decorations, cooking, crafts, parenting, training your spouse, legal advice, teachers gifts, dealing with relatives, etc. 

When you are done following Dear Paperlicious’ advice, you will have the best Christmas ever and all your friends and relatives and neighbors will be so jealous happy to know you!

Have fun! Have a great day and a great Holiday Countdown. Hope you take this post as it was meant to be…a fun take on Joan’s inimitable style. I know…I didn’t pull it off did I? So….better go see Joan…she’s the real McCoy. 🙂